Stephen I Ternyik
Quantum Sociology

Non bisogna
senza bussola


(A simplified quantum scientific view)


The following elaborations shall try to explain for the scientifically interested reader the foundations of the biophysics of socio-economic systems, in simple English. Every retrospection or reconstruction of recorded human history shows a growing inter-connection of human inter-action by industry, trade and culture in global space-time. The universal scaling of the evolving systems networks shows distinct development patterns that are subject to mathematical and linguistic interpretation, such as time-scales, spatial topologies and exchange methods; a driving motif of all these investigations and examinations is the empirical and historical evidence that human free will is limited by the physicality of this world, including the physicality and mortality of the human body. This methodical approach is not derived from some kind of anthropological belief, but a logical conclusion of human perception, observation and measurement, e.g. the toil of being here and staying alive. Along with this natural science of humanity/humanistic science of nature comes the working assumption that ethical systems of morality have evolved for human group survival as selection procedure in small-scale social units; from this follows, that a universal generalization of ethical values for social large-scale co-operation is a missing link for human survival, i.e. there do exist 7 billion individuals that interact in small-scale social group settings, but an ethical economics for large-scale organizational institution is an evolutionary gap, waiting for a proper selection procedure. To avoiding great social conflict, war and revolution, this problem should be thought about in anticipatory manner, before an unbearable suffering of the selection pressure gains momentum. False thought (in combination with evil intention) is the main cause of human suffering and this has do do with the psychological ignorance of physical constraints on human behavior and action, i.e. human free will is limited by the physicality=construction principles=natural laws of this world and more learned insight into this ‘spiritual physics’ is needed by study and wise action. The application of the scientific method (observation---theory---test method---empirical result= feedback) and quantum thought (the importance of every single human thought and act) can help in this case to advance the communication with the complexity of this world and learning to cope with its reflexes peacefully.

This author has mainly researched into the quantum effect of every single individual purchase/payment act as collective value decision=direction of investment/money flow, i.e. our current monetary system is lethal to our biophysical existence on this planet, because it is not operating on narrow reserve-building for future spending. As a reflective practioner, being neither a philosopher nor a prophet, the main ethical task is to rectify/correct this economic and ecological problem by gradual monetary reform, with the direction into a narrow reserve system ( e.g. the lending ratio for private banks should be = 1:1/ public money should be issued 100% debt free; interest will exist up to a limit of 5%) for social market economics. The existing system in the global market place will either implode or explode, depending on which political gangs and ideologies are gaining control of the power machinery. A cellular, molecular and thermodynamic/energetic view of human social organization will definitely call for more caution, concerning the political feasability of the many societal wish lists that are competing in the agenda of the real capitalist planned economy of our times. However, all darkness is sleeping light and there is no reason to despair as  sustainable solutions are in reach; it is all about the right management to practically convert knowledge into value.
The empirical rationalist method is the best tool to sort out the energetic flow of emotions, cognitions and decisions in the individual and collective human organism; quantum science and thought teaches exactly about the non-locality, the equipotentiality and holistic effects of minor little events that end up in major big events, i.e. as final output of a cumulated event chain as path and field.
The human psychology does generally experience such physical upheavals as natural catastrophes and not as a cybernetic feedback of false thought and action; consequently, the outgrow of the human civilization by long-term technological stages from fractal natural chaos does not save us from the inhumanity and unnaturalness of the human nature. Only an ethical system of morality that advances our common insight into this kind of ‘spiritual physics’ can save us from mutual annihilation.

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